About Us

We welcome you to our pleasantly landscaped area in Matogiannia Mykonos Town, to enjoy the services we have for you, your friends and your customers.

The combination of our highly trained staff, our space and experience, as well as the rich selection of clothing and accessories from the brand name Antica Sartoria, Nejma , Velvet Blue, L3, promise you the perfect result and your unique relaxation. Enjoy unique moments at Lascala in Mykonos, enjoy our sophisticated and innovative techniques and learn the latest fashion trends.

The aesthetics and hospitality in our area are world renowned as great and world famous personalities have visited us. The Lascala Mykonos site is the hotspot for photography where everyone is looking to have a photo with the most famous Mykonos stairs “I Mykonos” thousands of people around the world as well as the very famous showbizz. We have also been honored by Google as the most well-known Mykonos site with thousands of posts on social media. Finally, the store's official page on Facebook and Instagram features information on the precise location of Lascala Mykonos nails and more, and a rich range of photos and videos on our site

Lascala Mykonos Nails & More Boutique